Thursday, October 28, 2004

New Executive Appointed at

I would like to introduce's new Executive Vice President in Charge of Wasting Time. This dear sweet kitten we've named "Punkin" joined my family a couple weeks ago, and I haven't gotten much done since then (besides taking lots of pictures of her, of course).

Punkin and Pumpkin

Luckily, before she arrived I did get some new Halloween images uploaded to the "How-To" section of the Jasmine's Gallery site. Click here to download some free Jack-O-Lantern carving patterns and Halloween Safety tips. I even have a couple patterns for you politics junkies down in the USA ... Jack-O-Lantern carving patterns of George W. Bush and John Kerry. Can you imagine anything scarier this Halloween? 

Current astrological aspects to note ...  Saturn Square Mercury, Orb 4°04' Applying. Have you noticed that some folks seem to be rather ornery, inflexible and stubborn in their thinking lately? That may be due to the current square between Saturn in Cancer and Mercury in Libra.