Sunday, August 10, 2008

Health reading

I would like to know if my health will get better or worse, both physical and mental.


Dear TJ,

First I have to make the disclaimer that I am not a medical astrologer. I know a bit more than the average guy about medicine, but I have no medical training, so I am always careful when answering a question like this. What I can do is more of a “What are TJ’s challenges?” reading instead.

Looking at your natal chart, you actually have a lot of positive aspects that indicate you are bringing forward a lot of positive energy into this lifetime. You have Sun Trine Ascendant Trine Neptune, in water signs. You are a powerful psychic who can see into the other realms with relative ease. The challenge is you incarnated into a world and culture that doesn’t always understand you. Aquarius Moon Square the Nodes means you have an almost electrical plug in into Truth, but other people (the Nodes) don’t always want to hear what you have to say. “I told you so” could be a bit of a mantra for you! Remember that movie where Jack Nicholson says “You can’t handle the truth”? You need to remember that not everyone is ready to deal with reality. I can relate (grin).

You also have Sun Opposed Uranus and Pluto. You see the world as a volatile, dangerous place, and for good reason. You have likely encountered violence in your early life. You have learned though that fighting your troubles isn’t the most effective way to get to your goals, and as you continue down this path, not only will you heal a lot of your own challenges, but the inspiration you offer others will be powerful. In fact, the most challenging aspects for you all have a positive aspect to Neptune, which translates to you having the ability to take your greatest pain and transform that into a blessing for yourself and others. That much of this is focused in the 9th house says to me that you intended to come here to teach people how to overcome abuse.

The challenge for you is highlighted over and over again in the natal chart as frustration and anger that the world is a hostile place. Transiting Mars Opposed Uranus right now are pushing every button you’ve got, particularly with close family, siblings and those friends you see as brothers and sisters. Uranus moves slowly, and it hits one planet for you after another. The upside for Uranus is that it favors Internet communications, and I believe that the connections you make online right now may prove to be strongly healing. Mars moves out of aspect over the summer, and you may find that you come through this time with a great deal of strength as you consciously decide to channel your reactions more effectively. I highly recommend Caroline Myss book “Why People Don’t Heal”. I suffer from similar health concerns and I found it hugely helpful in dealing with them. The key to your mental and physical well being is to find ways to transform your own reactions, to learn to demand your own safe healing space and to let go of resentment towards those people who don’t understand and can’t find ways to help.


Tell me about my son

I was wondering if you could tell me about my son. I worry about him because he has chronic fatigue and can't sleep at night. Along with that I believe he has a neurological disorder. He was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome and I noticed that every since he was young his head has jerked uncontrollably, like a tic. It seems that the only time it does that is if he is stressed out or feels uncomfortable. I guess they call it a nervous tic. He is very angry and I'm scared he is going to get into real bad trouble with the law.


Dear TJ,

Your son is an Aries, with Libra Rising and a Leo Moon. That’s a lot of Fire energy, together with Libra’s sensitivity to the opinions of others. His 7th House Sun is conjunct Venus, making him attractive and charming, and very aware of other people’s judgments. This is a person who may seem selfish at times, but that hides a strong need to please others. Aries also wants everything and it wants it now, and that can be challenging for a young man with such contradictory desires. Frustration will be expressed as anger by anyone with a lot of fire in their natal chart. With the challenges he faces, it’s possible frustration that he tries to hold inside is manifesting physically with RLS and the facial tic.

I’m not a medical astrologer, so I can only tell you what I see of personality and stressful metaphysical aspects that might affect health. I have noticed that he has Uranus opposed Chiron in the 3rd and 9th houses, and that can make it difficult for him to express his emotions to others. Yet that’s exactly what he needs to learn to do in order to bleed off some of the emotional energy that he’s holding onto. Barbara Hand Clow, the leading writer on the subject of Chiron, warns of the dangers of drug use to anyone with this aspect. You don’t mention this, but it’s a possibility with this aspect that you need to be looking for. There are some positive aspects to Chiron though and it’s possible that one of his peers or a girlfriend could come along and motivate him to take up drama or another verbal art form that would give him a positive outlet to express emotions that he might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing.

Right now, he has Mars transiting the 12th house, and it is Square Pluto, in the 3rd. Traditionally one interpretation of this kind of transit may be “possible trouble with legal authority”. Mars is almost exactly inconjunct his Sun, adding a charge of confusion to his heightened state of sensitivity right now. He has to make a lot of adjustments that are not all to his liking. I would strongly urge you to get him into some type of cognitive therapy, but that may only be useful if he recognizes that some of his challenges are self-generated. Unfortunately, Chiron is opposed his natal Moon at the moment and that can translate to “Doesn’t want to listen to Mother”. The best thing I know of to recommend for him would be the LifeStream class ... but ... I get the feeling he is in resistance to you right now, and about all you may be able to do is let go and let God. Therapy and what LifeStream does will not work for him until he comes to the conclusion he needs help and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get well. If thats not an option, the best thing I can suggest is get some of his friends to encourage him to take up drama or another communication-based art form.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guest Blog: Phil Reckard ... Life Paths, Pluto and Saturn

As an astrologer, I strongly believe that a person's "path" is determined at our birth - not predetermined - but determined, and there's a huge difference between the two. At birth, the Universe imprints our souls with the timing of our birth via the ever-changing planets. It's almost as if an unseen hand waved over our tiny newborn bodies and said; "Here's your basic design kid, now make the best of it. The plan is that there is no plan, simply this basic design." A lot of this design is progressively manipulated by our parents, siblings, friends, lovers, and teachers as time goes by, but the basic design lingers and motivates some, yet too often festers and cripples others. Other people will effect our lives and paths in strange and wonderful ways, but that's a response for a different time.

This design (of our life) looks a lot like a road map, and yes - it's all about the journey - with dirt roads, superhighways, bypasses, bridges and dead ends - all of them leading somewhere, everywhere we look. We learn slowly (or quickly) that we can maneuver any or all of these roads safely in our vehicles (our bodies), and if we're utilizing our mind's capacity of free-will correctly, we'll usually follow the path of least resistance. If everything feels okay, we continue along to see what lies around the next bend, watching for the signs our individual road maps say should be just ahead.

It's important to remember that others have been down these roads before us, and "Dead End" signs have been posted by people far wiser than any of us. Of course, new trails can still be blazed into various wildernesses, but we need to be open to learning from the mistakes of others from the past - our own past lives for a significant example. Similarly, if we learn from the successes of former adventurers and trailblazers, we get to stand on the shoulders of giants to see where future paths may lead us, by making connections with other paths.

Astrologically, these roads might look like our natal Moon and Mercury in our 9th house Sagittarius for example. We will hence "naturally" follow our hearts (Moon) and minds (Mercury) to seek adventure and learning about new lands (Sagittarius/9th house). If our Mercury and Jupiter are in our 2nd house Gemini for another example, we will "naturally" be drawn to expanding upon (Jupiter) a hobby in writing or communicating (Mercury in it's ruling sign) to scrape out a living and acquire possessions.(2nd house). However, it may not necessarily be our career or life's work as seen by whatever might be in our natal 10th house, and/or whichever planet might be moving through the 10th house by transit. In either of these very simplistic examples, if there are favorable aspects (the path of least resistance) to Pluto or Saturn for instance, success in our endeavors might almost be guaranteed, but only if we know that we need to activate these paths of least resistance.

Here's where the demon of free-will enters the equation. We might have a perfect set-up to pursue a path as a brilliant surgeon (Mercury conjunct Chiron in the 6th house, Virgo Ascendant for instance), but if we don't go to medical school and do the necessary residency requirements, we'll be sitting at home watching "ER" reruns waiting for the operating room to come
to us. Herein lies the difference between determinism and predeterminism: A person with this perfect set-up still needs to go ahead and create their own path, as nothing ever falls through the roof and into our laps. Instead of a creator being "out there" making things happen for us, we need to become our own creators for our own benefit.

And then there are the transits, processes potentially lasting for several years when an outer planet like Neptune or Pluto moves over a sensitive natal planet or two. These can present opportunities for us to "go with the flow" of the Universal tides, evolve, and move with the changes the Universe presents. For the more fully evolved individual (not me yet!), we can then do the necessary work toward becoming co-creators with the Universe.

I hope I'm not stepping on any religious toes here, but there's a saying that "the Lord helps those that help themselves." I see this as being only partially correct, and perhaps ultimately deceiving. Astrologically speaking, "The Lord" is only the Universe's imprint on our natal design, while transits and (slow) progressions serve to help us evolve. The map-maker is impersonal in this regard, only showing the individual what is possible and potential. The individual must then decide for themselves which roads are to be taken, and exactly where their own path of least resistance leads to.

Being in a particular job, or finding yourself involved in a particular hobby, might seem to be the right thing to be doing at a particular time, but may not be your life's work or "calling." You may find any activity to be personally fulfilling, but not necessarily financially rewarding, or perhaps the other way around. Those would be the compromises we too often need to make in order to pay the bills in order to survive. If we can combine the two (fulfillment and reward) we'll find ourselves ahead of the game in what Joseph Campbell describes as "following your bliss." I'll paraphrase this and call it "following the path of least resistance," with the necessary caveat that such a path should harm no one, and ultimately serve the higher good of the community, both locally and globally.

There's one planetary transit in particular that is fascinating to observe, and this involves real-time Saturn on our natal Pluto. Saturn represents responsibility, maturity, constrictions, authority figures, and learning the big lessons of life. He's basically our inner adult telling us to grow up, and while we may not always want to take responsibilities for our own
actions or our own lives, Saturn teaches us we need to face up to these necessary evils. The myth of Pluto as ruler of the Underworld speaks of the cycle of death and rebirth, and why we have returned to the Earth plane in our current incarnations. Real-time Saturn on a natal Pluto would therefore be asking us to take responsibility (Saturn) for why we've returned from the
dead (Pluto) - the big "why am I here, and what is my life's purpose?" questions.

Of course, a person must become aware that this transit is occurring, and take measures to lead a self-examined life while simultaneously following their bliss, discovering their past-life mysteries, and trusting their higher selves for guidance. Utilizing our birthright of free-will is key throughout this process in order to activate this transit and make it real. This is all about becoming co-creators with the Universe to make a better future for all of us, as this holistic approach is by definition universal.

The fascinating thing to me about a Saturn on Pluto transit for our collective well-being is the person's age in which this transit occurs. Because of their very different orbital speeds (Saturn 30 years, Pluto 248 years), this transit is happening for an increasingly younger set of sub-generations. For instance, people born between (roughly) 1939 and 1956 have their natal Pluto in Leo, and Saturn has passed through Leo between July 2005 and September 2007, giving all of us in this generation our Saturn on Pluto transit during the past two and a half years, starting with the elder folks within this subset first.

Saturn has since moved into Virgo, and the Good Professor will be offering a younger generation many opportunities to discover their life's purpose - those born between 1956 and 1972. In other words, people at this time within the (approximately) 52 - 69 age bracket have already had their Saturn on Pluto, while people currently in the 36 - 51 age group will be getting
theirs in the next 2.5 years.

If you believe as I do that we are entering the most critical phase that we as a species have ever encountered, it's reassuring to me that younger, stronger, more energetic, and hopefully more idealistic people will be discovering their life's purposes in the next few years. Between 2010 and 2012 (!), people currently aged 24 - 35 will begin there Saturn on Pluto opportunities, with many of these younger folks going through theirs simultaneously during their Saturn return, a slightly (or very) different set of responsibilities (Saturn) for discovering why they have returned from the underworld/death (Pluto).

Beyond that? The phrase "... and a child shall lead them..." comes to mind as people born between 1984 and 1995 will be getting their chance to make their karmic (Pluto) responsibilities (Saturn) a reality. This alone gives me optimism for the future.

Of course, a Saturn on Pluto transit is only one event to consider for an individual's life purpose, and people may have already received their calling way before Saturn intervenes. Al Gore for instance had been trying to warn us about global warming for years before he worked on "An Inconvenient Truth" during his Saturn on Pluto, and all he did was win a Nobel Prize, an Oscar, and much more recognition by living within his life's purpose, so a Saturn on Pluto can be maneuvered very successfully.

We mere mortals are on our own, no?

Phil Reckard
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eclipse on my birthday

There is going to be a full moon and full lunar eclipse on my birthday next week. How do you think that might affect me? I am hoping for something positive!


I'm a bit iconoclast where it comes to eclipses ... I don't give them the weight many astrologers do. To most traditional astrologers, an eclipse is treated like the Death Card in the Tarot (or death images in dreams). It's supposed to signify a dynamic change of some kind. To me, it is just a slightly more interesting full moon aspect. The Moon just moves too quickly, the impact of a Lunar transit rarely has impact past a day or so.

However ... it does fall on your birthday and that's what we call a "solar return" chart - and that chart holds sway over the rest of your year. This is why birthday celebrations are so important - whatever happens on the birthday affects the "mood" of the rest of the year. And this year could prove to be extremely important for you.

This Moon is in Leo, in your third house, opposing a stellium of planets in your 9th house. What's a stellium? That's a whack-load of planets. A great big group of 'em. Without going into too much astrologeze ... the bottom line is you are likely to be writing or teaching some form of healing, spiritual, or metaphysical ideas this year. There is a Square to natal Neptune. That could lead to confusion, escapist urges, the temptation to escape through drugs or alcohol. You need to work harder than normal to stay grounded. Luckily you have a Solar Sextile to Saturn, that will bring you down to earth gently enough to keep at least one foot on the ground, and a Trine to Jupiter brings in some good luck. I think you could be looking at a career change. You need to push yourself into the spotlight, take a leadership role, stand on your own ideas.

It looks like you are processing a huge amount of spiritual energy this year and could use some support as you face some transformative energies.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A birthday reading for Claudia

Some people have ambivalent charts. I have one. I could be an artist, a writer, a singer, a radio talk show host, or 500 other things. There is no such ambivalence in your chart. If you had not mentioned it I would have no trouble guessing you are a healer.

You have Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius, Scorpio Rising. You are extremely sensitive and in tune psychically. The challenge is that Sagittarius Moon in the middle of all that water ... let's just say your head and heart aren't always in harmony. In fact, you sometimes feel that your head and heart are at war with one another. That's your Achilles' Heel. You need to find different areas, one for your sensitive, intuitive side, and another for the more left-brained creative side.

To make things more interesting for you, your Moon is conjunct Chiron, Sun is conjunct Mars. Chiron being that strong is the reason you have the healing gift (and yes, I would welcome any healing energy ... I am struggling with pain in my lower back). Speaking of pain, while you are gifted at healing others, how does that work for yourself? Chiron square Mars/Sun is a pretty challenging placement. If it does not manifest in health challenges for you, it may manifest in health or relationship issues between the men and women in your life (4th house Sun - "family stuff") ... I bet your family is interesting. Still, these squares can be somewhat offset by the other aspects, a nice trine from Chiron/Moon to Pluto and a sextile to sensitive Neptune ... seriously, your chart practically screams "healer". You have the potential to be quite famous for it. One avenue you may pursue is some form of group work. Neptune is in Libra in the 11th house, and that makes you a compelling speaker and teacher too.

You are in the middle of your second Saturn return, and if you feel your healing abilities are coming into full blossom, that is a good sign. This is a critical period of growth for you, emotionally, mentally, in your career and health. You may find yourself being pushed to settle into a new career, and it will almost certainly involve health, healing, or some sort of medical service. You are extremely sensitive right now though, Saturn is pushing your Chiron buttons, and this can manifest in external events in problems with the male members of your family. This can be painful, but the growth it will bring you will be invaluable.

Jupiter is about to hit natal Jupiter soon too, which is more positive and "lucky" - you may find that you are able to manifest opportunities to build wealth and make connections that will make you more prosperous.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Britney Back in the News

In my forecast for January I wrote:

Speaking of Venus, I expect another "pop-tart" flap this month. I would suggest that all the usual blonde suspects take a vacation somewhere nice and warm and remote, keep their mouths shut and stay out of the spotlight for a little while. One of them is likely to make a mistake that might end her career once and for all. Whatever happens will make a lot of money for other people, but it could be the straw that breaks her camel's back, or (ideally) finally be the real "rock bottom" she needs to get real help.
Tonight on the radio I heard that pop star Britney Spears was just taken from her home in a stretcher. CNN is reporting Spears was taken from her home on a stretcher and placed in an ambulance hours after police were called because of a child custody dispute. The radio report mentioned possible drug use related to the incident.

I did not specifically name Britney at that point, but she was in the "top three" possible suspects in my mind at the time. Also, back in October, I was asked by one of Britney Spears' fans to write about her. At the time I said:

Mars Square Neptune equals drug abuse. In her case, potentially fatal drug abuse or serious jail time (12th house Mars), if she does not find some way to reconnect with a spiritual or creative outlet. I hate to say it but right now the creative isn't working for her all that well, and fame isn't helping matters. Her only hope is a profound spiritual experience, a rock-bottom "near death" experience might be the life-saving experience she needs to wake her up. Losing custody of her kids hasn't seemed to make a profound impact, the possible loss of loved ones in other areas is featured in her transits right now. There could be a death in her family, and with what is known I truly fear for her own well-being, frankly.

Britney Spears Collapses - Astrological Chart
I also described her lifestyle as "a really exciting wild ride filled with drug abuse, jealous rages, competition and dysfunction". I see no signs this will change. The current chart, calculated for the time police are reported to have arrived at her home, likewise speaks of drug abuse and danger to children, and the challenge for Ms. Spears is to survive what has become an almost archetypal role of the modern damsel in distress. For her trials to come through so clearly in a mundane chart says to me that she is playing a larger than life role in our culture. She symbolizes something that is wrong with our culture, just as Benazir Bhutto symbolized and played out something horribly wrong in her own field of influence. That's a huge burden for any one human being to bear, and with the weight of all that on her fragile shoulders, I only pray she and her children get the help and compassion they need right now.