Tuesday, November 07, 2006

November Forecast

Astrology Overview November 2006

There will be a lot of talk about limitations this month. People's ego needs are going to be stronger than their material support options. That Hummer you wanted to buy is definitely over the top, or too much for your current needs, and you may want to avoid any buffet-style restaurants right now. We're all about comfort and luxury, champagne tastes on a beer budget, and the economy is showing the strain of our decision making over the past 7 or 8 years.

Where were you 7 to 8 years from today? What has changed? What has not changed? You may find by looking at the pattern of your life in this time period that there are some interesting and valuable lessons to be learned, especially where it comes to the things you think and worry about the most. The answers to any questions that may come up could arise in some strange and unexpected places. There is a lot of innovative and unique mental energy floating around. Keep a notepad with you so you can jot down some of the wild and perhaps fleeting ideas that occur throughout the month. They won't stick in your mind, no matter how powerful they may seem at the moment, and you may find not all of them are in sync with your daily life cycle. You may in fact find that many of them will be worked on in your next 7 to 8 year cycle.

There is an awful lot of energy to the planets, signs and houses that rule communication, especially the online or electronic sort. There will likely be some really good pre-Christmas sales on computers, cell phones and other communications gadgets. Some new upcoming innovation may be sparking the sell-off though. That means more new toys for the "early adopters" and bargains for the rest of us. Keep those receipts handy if you are buying new toys, though. There may be hidden challenges to setting up that shiny new wireless network, and that cell phone may have a few extra features you are not ready for just yet.

Forgive friends and family if they seem to want to talk your ears off this month. They may seem disoriented or "spaced out", especially near the end of the month. Siblings and friends may be wondering what happened to their minds, it will seem difficult to think at times. Yet there is an "Oh well!" feeling to it all. Whatever miscommunication there will be should be easy to sort out with patience and a little compassion.

It’s going to be quite a romantic month too. The challenge, especially near mid-month, will be for sexy singles (and even some couples) to keep their dance cards in order. There is a wild and crazy energy. Anything can happen, and often will! Going out in public will be the social version of Russian Roulette. You will never know what kind of new person you will meet, and everyone will seem to be on the prowl. It's a good time to add new names to a black book, but not necessarily the most auspicious time to settle down into something lasting and permanent.

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