Thursday, December 27, 2007

Astrological Analysis: Bhutto Killed in Pakistan

Back in November, I spoke of my concern for Benazir Bhutto:

Astrological Chart - Benazir Bhutto Assassinated - click for larger chart.
Last month I spoke of a woman in leadership coming to prominence, and of course the story of Benazir Bhutto fits nicely with the aspects I was watching then. Her potential is great, but I am afraid for her safety with the aspects I see right now. I would urge her to be more cautious than she has been in the past. The same for other women leaders who have polarizing or controversial pasts, who want to transform the world quickly or in radical ways. This is not the best time to push past people's prejudice. They will want to fight to hold on to the "old ways", and some of that push-back could be violent. I feel some of this energy could peak mid-month.

November came and went safely for Ms. Bhutto, but today, her good luck came crashing to an unfortunate end, and she was assassinated in the middle of a political rally. Looking at the astrological chart for the time of death, the Ascendant is Cancer, ruled by the Moon (a prominent woman). The Moon in Leo (arrogant leadership, feeling invulnerable) is opposed North Node, T-Squared Venus (a strong woman crossed by unfortunate events). The 12th House Mars (secret plots, war, violence) is opposed by Pluto and Jupiter (religious extremism, the potential for great violence).

AstroCartoGraphy Chart - Bhutto Assassination - click for larger map.
The AstroCartography chart for the death time is frightening. It places Jupiter, Mars and Pluto lines in Iran, with the Death-God Pluto directly over Tehran. Worse, the Uranus MidHeaven line (unexpected, shocking events in high profile people or leadership position) also crosses Tehran. There are two possible interpretations. It is possible this assassination was sponsored in Iran, or that Iran will be blamed for it, and there may be retaliatory assassinations in Iran as a result.

Uranus, Pluto, Mars and Jupiter are a dangerous, explosive mixture in this kind of configuration. This assassination could have repercussions that will echo around the world. It bodes ill for peace in 2008, the effects could stain the entire region under a cloud of violent bloodshed. There is a particularly high degree of danger as Pakistan is a nuclear-powered country, and the expanding chaos may put their stockpiles in jeopardy. I am loathe to predict a nuclear exchange, and I pray it is avoidable, but I would not be surprised if there were some kind of nuclear disaster in Pakistan or Iran in the next 18 months.

Mercury also plays a role in this chart, with the Mercury Rising line passing close to Atlanta (CNN headquarters), Washington DC and New York City. The same Pluto, Mars and Jupiter lines cross through the heartland of America. Clearly this news will have a huge impact in the United States as well, possibly leading to a wider spread of the war in Iraq, and a greater burden for "Middle America". The controversy may affect the US elections. I would be greatly surprised if the war in Iraq, and the broader war on terror do not spread dramatically as a result.