Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Christian Astrology?

My mother sent me the most intriguing video, a possible Christian explanation of astrology that I just had to share here with you. I pick only one nit with this fellow, and that is that I believe the Hebrews learned about astrology (and carried away many other things) from the Babylonians, rather than the other way around. I agree with the essence of this lecture however, and applaud this pastor for his studies of astrology.

Update: As of February 22, I can no longer find the video on the site where it first appeared. I hope that this does not reflect censorship on the part of Tangle, the Christian site where this video appeared. The only videos I can find there now are decidedly negative about astrology. A true shame if that site is censoring its contributors this way ... if anyone has seen that video on YouTube or the like, let me know so we can embed it here again.