Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Which path should I take?

There are several possibilities in my life right now but I also have a chronic medical condition that leaves me with limited resources. Should I work towards finishing what I've started here (which hasn't been going well so far) or move on and take up something entirely different (and risky)?


Dear TC,

Do you have something else in mind already? Or are you asking "should I jump out into the void" so to speak? I can see why both work and health are challenges for you. You have Saturn, Sun, Pluto and Venus in your 6th house of work/daily living. You are ambitious, but experience physical restrictions that have at times limited your growth. With all that stuff in Libra too, I would expect that the opinions of others factor heavily into your decision-making equations as well.

It's not your illness that is killing your dreams, it's all that people-pleasing. Right now your little Libra collection is Trine the trio of Chiron/Neptune and Jupiter, all of them in the 10th House of career and ambition.

I wager if you drop some of what Caroline Myss calls your "Pleaserites" - the folks who you are taking responsibility for - you will find that you suddenly have a whole lot more energy for following your dreams. Pluto is all about change, which works well for the idea of doing something dramatic, Jupiter in a big way. The Trine being in Air signs, it's going to be something creative or cerebral, something very different than you have done before. But Chiron is in there twice - your natal Chiron in the first house in Taurus speaks with a voice saying "Don't you really think you should be doing something a lot more practical?"

I don't think practical has been working for you. What you want is big and risky and nobody ever got to the end of life saying "Gee I wish I'd played it safe a lot more". I can't promise you success, what I can promise you is you won't be happy until you give your dreams a shot.