Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"I don't want to start an argument but ..."

Have you ever noticed that when someone says the word "but", you can erase everything they said just before?

Today I got a comment that started off with "I don't want to start an argument but ..." which then went on to insult my intelligence and professionalism, and called me a scam artist if I didn't choose to take up his challenge! That's a strange way of going about not creating an argument (laugh).

If astrology "annoys" you, sir, don't visit astrological blogs. End of problem.

This blog isn't an open invitation to debate. If you wish to pursue that, I refer you happily to alt.astrology, a Usenet board that is full of those on both sides of the argument who have been energetically wasting each other's time with the same tired old arguments for the past 15 years.