Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October Forecast

People will be motivated to work very hard this month. There will be many opportunities for growth in work and business, especially for those who work with the public in rather traditional corporate settings. Don’t be surprised if thought processes are rather slow or backward in the beginning of the month, but that will turn around. And it won’t be all work and no play! Romance is in the air. It may not be the traditional time of year for hearts, flowers and chocolates, but right now the urge to merge is strong, and many new romances will blossom this month. If you are single, the best place to be is among friends and those who share your personal, social and political interests. Energy will be extremely high at the beginning of the month, and it will only intensify as days pass. In mid-month, some of the hidden aspects of romantic affairs will be revealed, and after some adjustments and surprises, things will settle back down into something resembling sanity. By Hallowe’en, things will be intensely sexy and passionate. All sorts of wild energy will be flying around on that night! If you want to be a hit, get your hands on a dark, gothic costume with seductive accents this year!

There could be a breakthrough in the medicine of relationships announced this month. I interpret that to mean good news for suffers of sexually transmitted diseases. If this is not manifested immediately, other indications are that a large-scale musical event could bring healing – possibly another gathering of musicians, this time for a cause such as AIDs or to send money to people in areas affected by war.

Speaking of war, this could be the best opportunity in ages for the advancement of peace. While tensions remain, and there is a lot of anger to be healed, this month is the most favorable in a long time for ceasefires and peace negotiations to succeed. In the end, it will be those leaders who can move past their hurts into healing who will be able to make the deepest changes. Unexpected results could come from secret negotiations.

There will be some mixed energies and messages this month from and for psychics, spiritual leaders and prognosticators. Psychic energy is increasing, as is social acceptance, but the changes are incredibly dynamic and powerful right now. The key is to find practical and realistic ways to integrate intuition into everyday life. Psychic development will likely be a bit of a “fad” coming over the next few years, which bodes well for yours truly and the Angel Ladies! The principle challenge to the growth will come from traditional sources, organized religion and the corporate-industrial-educational complex. The growth of intuitive thinking threatens the status quo, but the wave is building, and the momentum will be impossible to deny. Another challenge is that so many people are growing in their own intuition, but do not yet trust themselves. This is a particularly good time to start a personal journal if you are interested in developing your intuition.