Friday, November 18, 2005

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Punkin is Gone ...

Not long ago, Punkin developed Feline Leukemia and we had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge to be with Minou. She is still with me in spirit though, and while I feel her presence, there is definitely a big empty space here at She was very young when she died, just a year old. But in that time she taught me more about life and love than I can say.

Blog Spam, Links, Advertising

I recently noticed a lot of blog spam, and I have to say that I find it rather odd that people would trash my writing, while posting links to competing web sites. I have erased them, and now have a higher setting for moderating them. I'm going to decline all comments that are nothing but ads for other sites, sorry. At least ask a question about astrology or something related to the blog. You can mention your URL, signature style, but no "Visit my site!" stuff, okay?

I will absolutely delete each and every blog spam I get. Just today I rejected 27 copies of the same spam ... you know who you are. Since your own comment forms on your web site do NOT work ... next time you post, could you explain why you would waste your time and mine like that?

If you have a web site, and are looking for links to improve your traffic, you have better options.

You can submit a short article or letter for inclusion in this blog, or in the library section of If you give me a story I can use, I'll give you a short byline that includes a comment about your site and your URL. Email me at
with your proposal.

You can submit a reciprocal link on You must link to us first. It can take a week or two before I respond sometimes. But my site gets good traffic and has good PR. Visit this page to submit your link: ... it must be an astrology page, and there are other conditions. Read the submission page carefully, as I just delete any applications that don't qualify.

You may also promote your site by taking out a site sponsorship. I do Pay Per Click only with Google Adsense and am interested in no other PPC offers. Email me at
for pricing details.

For those of you advertising non-astrology sites (Reiki, healing, energy work etc), how would you like to increase your own internal traffic? If you don't already have horoscopes on your site, I license horoscopes to sites like yours. If you are interested in boosting your traffic a significant amount, let me know, and I will send you the licensing rates. My bet is that this would boost your traffic far more than advertising on or spamming my blog. Horoscopes generate return, repeat traffic, and you can put your own advertisements on them. I also offer a free "link out" version for those of you who cannot afford the branded "on site" version.

Current Aspects to Watch:

Neptune Opposed Saturn, T-Square to Mars ... not surprising to see the US government twisting in confusion and outrage about all the secrets coming out about the prelude to war, under these conditions.

Jupiter Trine Uranus (Square Mercury Rx) ... Interesting revelations related to communications and technology. There could be dramatic breakthroughs soon in telecommunications as the result of a breakdown.