Monday, October 22, 2007

Where is my life going now?

Is it possible to get some sort of reading to see where my life is going now. Like everyone else had had my share of tough life but I now "feel" things are going to work out and I am receiving abundance of joy, happiness, wealth, friends and companion ... any particular Switchwords to be used?

I am not the expert in Switchwords - Begum over at the Switchwords Discussion Group knows more than me ... but I think under the circumstances "Thank you" could be a powerful switchword for you (For the readers who are not familiar with Switchwords, they are like one-word affirmations).

Widowed, and struggling on my own for a while but just feel good things are in the air..


Interesting, I am a Libra with Scorpio Rising, and you are a Scorpio with Libra Rising! You have an extremely intense emotional personality, but you are often tripped up by a need to "people please". I'm a natural "people pleaser" who is often tripped up by my intensity! ...

In your case, the first area that draws my attention is your fifth house. The fifth rules creativity, children, and love affairs/romance. Fifth house romances do not necessarily lead to marriage, and one of the planets is slow-moving but chaos-bringing Uranus. You may find that your creativity is just bursting from you right now. You may be drawn into unusual situations with interesting, dynamic people who open you to new ideas and concepts, not all of whom might meet with the approval of authority figures in your circle of friends and family.

You may find many of your needs and urges confuse or upset you right now. To be blunt - loosen up a bit, and enjoy the buffets life presents you right now. Take more time for art, entertainment and pleasure. There are more than one persons who depend on you for help or healing, but you can't be fully there for them if you aren't feeling whole yourself. I was just playing a video game in which four characters are on a quest. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. What I found interesting is that when the healer got sick or didn't get her share of the healing potions, everyone suffered. I think there is a lesson in that for you.

As to where your life is going ... your chart indicates that you are heading for a sort of second "teenage-hood", where you get to sow some wild oats and connect with your creativity in new and interesting ways. The challenge is your friends and loved ones seem to be a little old fashioned. Don't let the judgements and expectations of others keep you from what will be an extremely rewarding if not always stable and secure time of your life. There does appear to be the potential for romance this year. You'll be drawn to people who are outside the norm of your social experience, or to short-term "whirlwind" romances. It's possible you could meet someone on the Internet or through some kind of unusual form of communication.

If you are looking for a creative outlet, there are several indications that studying writing or music, or some form of healing or metaphysics could be rewarding and transformative pass-times for you. Your Progressed chart does show a strong connection to spiritual healing or some kind of service-oriented profession. You may be privy to some sort of secret or hidden knowledge or training. There could be money in this direction, the challenge will involve getting past your own self-doubt and fear to make your dreams into reality.