Wednesday, October 31, 2007

November 2007 Forecast

This month starts off with a nice Grand Trine between the Sun, Uranus and Mars. Sudden, unexpected events and developments could change the face of modern warfare, and the way we go to work every day. Innovations and inventions, especially those involving water, like submarines, could bring a positive difference into the modern world. Of course some of these inventions could have a dark side. They could be found to have a negative effect on sea mammals, or on the oceans themselves. There could be negative psychological side effects, or a big story could come to light about drug use in the workplace or the military.

Last month I spoke of a woman in leadership coming to prominence, and of course the story of Benazir Bhutto fits nicely with the aspects I was watching then. Her potential is great, but I am afraid for her safety with the aspects I see right now. I would urge her to be more cautious than she has been in the past. The same for other women leaders who have polarizing or controversial pasts, who want to transform the world quickly or in radical ways. This is not the best time to push past people's prejudice. They will want to fight to hold on to the "old ways", and some of that push-back could be violent. I feel some of this energy could peak mid-month.

All women in positions of leadership would do well to avoid unnecessary risk and drama through the early part of the month. Focus on building consensus rather than pushing through any radical agendas. All people, men and women alike, will feel torn between their desire for newness and the comfort of the old. It is best to find different venues to express these different desires. Have one project that emphasizes the old, and another to bring in the new, and you'll find the energy smooths out dramatically.

Look for unique and interesting new methods of communication this month. A "next big thing" could be some kind of web site or electronic communication device that facilitates better productivity and connections between people in the workplace.