Tuesday, February 14, 2006

SMS and Licensed Horoscope Content

Someone wrote today asking about SMS and Licensed Horoscope Content ...

I'm looking for a site or a service that can provide astrology and numerology forcast on a daily basis via SMS. Does anyone know such a site or service provider.

Astrology.ca does provide licensed horoscope content to SMS companies and to cellular phone companies. I do not know anything about the SMS company you mentioned, how their products can be accessed, or what they cost. Our horoscopes are sent out to cell phone companies and resellers who provide them directly to their own customer's cell phones as their own content. We were at one point approached by a provider who offered to let us sell access to horoscopes through a cellular service, but not our own horoscopes. These were someone else's. I decided not to go along with them until they could offer us the ability to direct people to our own horoscopes.

If your cellular provider does not offer horoscopes, you can always contact your cellular provider and point them to our licensing page at http://www.astrology.ca/license.html. We also license horoscopes to web sites and publications.

As for daily numerology readings ... that would be a little more challenging, because there are a small set of numbers to work with, and numerological conditions tend to repeat in a specific manner. I do some numerology, including my chart, which is pretty unique in the business, I think, but have stayed away from daily numerology readings because I am not sure how to make that fresh on a daily basis. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them, though!