Friday, November 18, 2005

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Punkin is Gone ...

Not long ago, Punkin developed Feline Leukemia and we had to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge to be with Minou. She is still with me in spirit though, and while I feel her presence, there is definitely a big empty space here at She was very young when she died, just a year old. But in that time she taught me more about life and love than I can say.

Blog Spam, Links, Advertising

I recently noticed a lot of blog spam, and I have to say that I find it rather odd that people would trash my writing, while posting links to competing web sites. I have erased them, and now have a higher setting for moderating them. I'm going to decline all comments that are nothing but ads for other sites, sorry. At least ask a question about astrology or something related to the blog. You can mention your URL, signature style, but no "Visit my site!" stuff, okay?

I will absolutely delete each and every blog spam I get. Just today I rejected 27 copies of the same spam ... you know who you are. Since your own comment forms on your web site do NOT work ... next time you post, could you explain why you would waste your time and mine like that?

If you have a web site, and are looking for links to improve your traffic, you have better options.

You can submit a short article or letter for inclusion in this blog, or in the library section of If you give me a story I can use, I'll give you a short byline that includes a comment about your site and your URL. Email me at
with your proposal.

You can submit a reciprocal link on You must link to us first. It can take a week or two before I respond sometimes. But my site gets good traffic and has good PR. Visit this page to submit your link: ... it must be an astrology page, and there are other conditions. Read the submission page carefully, as I just delete any applications that don't qualify.

You may also promote your site by taking out a site sponsorship. I do Pay Per Click only with Google Adsense and am interested in no other PPC offers. Email me at
for pricing details.

For those of you advertising non-astrology sites (Reiki, healing, energy work etc), how would you like to increase your own internal traffic? If you don't already have horoscopes on your site, I license horoscopes to sites like yours. If you are interested in boosting your traffic a significant amount, let me know, and I will send you the licensing rates. My bet is that this would boost your traffic far more than advertising on or spamming my blog. Horoscopes generate return, repeat traffic, and you can put your own advertisements on them. I also offer a free "link out" version for those of you who cannot afford the branded "on site" version.

Current Aspects to Watch:

Neptune Opposed Saturn, T-Square to Mars ... not surprising to see the US government twisting in confusion and outrage about all the secrets coming out about the prelude to war, under these conditions.

Jupiter Trine Uranus (Square Mercury Rx) ... Interesting revelations related to communications and technology. There could be dramatic breakthroughs soon in telecommunications as the result of a breakdown.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bizarre Russian Lawsuit Triggers Explosion of Media Coverage

I monitor several keywords for astrological news using Google Alerts. This week there have been a huge number of stories featuring the bizarre claim of Marina Bei, a Russian astrologer, who is convinced that the recent "Deep Space" space shot has "ruined the natural balance of the forces of the universe." The Russian courts have allowed her to proceed with a lawsuit against NASA, provoking a predictable media circus replete with the obligatory snide, cynical and dismissive comments about astrology that are unfortunately commonplace in the press.

Ms. Bei claims that her life has been ruined by the experiment, and has been quoted as suggesting that this scientific adventure could spell the end of the world. She has appeared on CNN, was featured on USA Today, and one search I did on "Russian Astrologer Deep Impact" brought back over 90,000 pages, many of them dripping with derision, most of which I agree is well deserved in this particular case.

I cannot judge Bei’s merit as an astrologer as she appears to have no Internet presence and was completely unknown to me until now. She is certainly entitled to her beliefs, even though I strongly disagree with them. But considering her assertions and this bizarre lawsuit, I don’t want her to speak for me, and she does not speak for the astrological community at large.

I don’t speak for the astrological community at large, either. I know there are some people, in unfortunately large numbers, who agree with what appears to be a rather fatalist interpretation of celestial events. However, large numbers, and I hope the majority of astrologers, do not believe that a minor collision between NASA’s experiment and a comet none of us has been tracking until now can have a serious impact on the horoscope of individuals on the planet Earth. What astrological "impact" this may have (pun intended) is likely to be limited to the obvious increase in astronomy and space exploration that will result from NASA’s spectacular success. Or perhaps it reflects an "explosion" of ill-considered media coverage of astrology?

I do feel very comfortable in suggesting that the large majority of mainstream astrologers must be appalled by much of the media coverage of Ms. Bei’s claims. In the articles I have read, in the newscasts I have seen, I have yet to see one reasonable voice speaking for astrology to denounce her lawsuit or ideas. This cannot be because there is a lack of astrologers who are willing to speak out. Rather, I believe it comes from rather single-minded news coverage, from the assumption that we must all have putty in between our ears, and that none of us has much to add to the issues she has raised with her lawsuit. It is taken for granted we must agree with her. But each one of these articles does get the obligatory quote from the local skeptic’s society, or from the designated astronomy expert whose opinion of astrology isn’t colored by any actual or direct knowledge of the subject, or of what astrologers actually believe.

I’m calling on the press to at least make an effort to appear to be unbiased and impartial in news stories on this subject. Leave the opinion pieces to the editorialists and columnists. Get in touch with the local astrological society to get their comments and feedback on the story. Learn what mainstream astrologers actually believe before you report on our beliefs. If you are going to quote the local skeptic, get in touch with a credible local astrologer, and give them a chance to speak. Those who presume to speak for us so often misrepresent us when they have no clue what we actually believe.

For example, I am a practicing astrologer of over 20 years and I do not believe that:
the stars compel our fate (I believe they reflect them)
events can accurately be predicted from astrological charts (I believe that general trends and energies can be foreseen)

  • that death can be predicted from an astrological chart
  • that astrology is a "science" (it is an art form)
  • that an astrological chart controls my life (I still have choices)
  • that newspaper horoscopes are anything more than an entertaining diversion
  • a small impact on a comet millions of miles away means the end of the world or will cause headaches in one astrologer in Russia.

Astrology is a noble and fascinating pursuit, with roots leading back to the formation of modern culture and science. We do have some rather interesting individuals on the fringes of astrology, and I admit there are more than the average number of true characters in the astrological community. I understand why the media finds the wild-eyed, colorful types more interesting than their own local astrologer, quietly practicing in sensible shoes in her small studio. But fair play demands comment from mainstream astrologers, otherwise the public is in danger of assuming (as the media apparently has) that the fringe speaks for the mainstream, and this is demonstrably not the case.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Alan Oken Australian Tour-September 2005

Maggie Kerr, one of the regular contributors to will be co-hosting "Synthesizing Soul and Psyche" Adventures in Consciousness ... with A Wizard in Oz! September 2005

Alan Oken, one of the world's foremost spiritual teachers joined by Maggie Kerr in Australia.

"Synthesizing Soul and Psyche" What is the "stream of consciousness" and how can we learn to swim in it? What is the spiritual purpose of humanity's evolution and what about "me"?

These decades are ripe with awakening and revolution. We are participating in the birth of the "Group Soul' of humanity, where "inclusiveness" and co-participation must replace a "separative" and selfish world view. The current extreme global tension contains an impasse, a 'stuck' place, which can only be broken by large numbers of individuals embracing a unifying worldview!

Alan Oken has traveled the world for many decades imparting the knowledge of the"Ancient Mysteries" from many different cultural traditions. He brings warmth, candor, humor and insight to these profound questions which unite us all. Why am I here? How can I know the purpose of my Soul's challenges for growth and find true creative expression? This 2 day event contains both "Ancient Mystery" teachings, and the science of Astrology, for insight and answers to these most fundamental questions!

ALAN OKEN is the founder and director of The Wisdom School. He is the author of hundreds of articles for various astrological and metaphysical magazines and journals. He is also the author of over a dozen books, including: Alan Oken's Complete Astrology, Soul-Centered Astrology - A Key to Your Expanding Self, Houses of the Horoscope, and Rulers of the Horoscope. Alan has been a student and teacher of astrology and The Ancient WisdomTeachings since 1967. An internationally known lecturer and teacher, Alan speaks and writes six languages and has taught in more than 30 countries. He has an active astrological consulting practice in Santa Fe, NM.

MAGGIE KERR (AAT. Dip. Couns.) is a well known Australian Astrologer, a Counsellor and Teacher in communications and "People Skills", and has been in the front line of her field for over 20 years. Maggie has trained in the fields of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Astrology, Psychology and Psychotherapy. Her unique blend of these subjects offers understanding of our life purpose, and challenges to our empowerment. She has published 5 books in the "UniversalAstrology" series.

Contact for times and places.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Astrology and Tragedy - Shapelle Corby

Shapelle Corby is the Australian who was arrested last year in Indonesia, charged with smuggling 4.5 kilograms of marijuana in her luggage. Corby denies knowing about the drugs, and faces up to life in a Balinese prison.
Hazel Leung was kind enough to provide Shapelle's birth data and some comments - July 10, 1977 11:55 AM, Brisbane Australia. She obtained it from Maggie Kerr, who attributes it to Shapelle's mother.

Hazel Leung's Comments:

I think Uranus on the first says it all, but Pluto in the 12th indicates incarcertation too. She has "fame" sun at MC which is square to nodes, indicating fame is not good fame. I haven't had the time to track whether or not she will be jailed, I do believe she will be found guilty but haven't looked beyond that. The firdaria is Mercury/Sun which indicates that this is the period where the "fame" will be triggered. She has already been approached for interviews and books, which is usually what pays the legal bills althought there is a millionaire businessman backing her too. I doubt very much she is guilty, she is not a planner. I guess time will tell.

Brandi Jasmine's Comments:

Interesting things I noticed real quick ... a loose Pluto/NN conjunction in the 12th house, transited by Sun/Mercury/Vertex/Mars (conjunct), Chiron (square). It is surprising how many positive aspects there are in the transits. It is hard not to be overly optimistic - but others might see things in the charts I'm missing.

Natal Neptune is better aspected than I expected, with several trines/sextiles, but it opposes Venus. This girl is bright but isn't the most grounded, and doesn't think before she acts. She trusts too easily, and in one way she really needed a slap in the face to bring her to reality (she sure got a harsh one).

My feeling is she will likely be convicted, spend a while longer in jail, and be brought out when the two governments think that they can make a nice quiet deal, but it is unlikely to remain quiet. I think she is going to be%2