Thursday, May 05, 2005

Astrology and Tragedy - Shapelle Corby

Shapelle Corby is the Australian who was arrested last year in Indonesia, charged with smuggling 4.5 kilograms of marijuana in her luggage. Corby denies knowing about the drugs, and faces up to life in a Balinese prison.
Hazel Leung was kind enough to provide Shapelle's birth data and some comments - July 10, 1977 11:55 AM, Brisbane Australia. She obtained it from Maggie Kerr, who attributes it to Shapelle's mother.

Hazel Leung's Comments:

I think Uranus on the first says it all, but Pluto in the 12th indicates incarcertation too. She has "fame" sun at MC which is square to nodes, indicating fame is not good fame. I haven't had the time to track whether or not she will be jailed, I do believe she will be found guilty but haven't looked beyond that. The firdaria is Mercury/Sun which indicates that this is the period where the "fame" will be triggered. She has already been approached for interviews and books, which is usually what pays the legal bills althought there is a millionaire businessman backing her too. I doubt very much she is guilty, she is not a planner. I guess time will tell.

Brandi Jasmine's Comments:

Interesting things I noticed real quick ... a loose Pluto/NN conjunction in the 12th house, transited by Sun/Mercury/Vertex/Mars (conjunct), Chiron (square). It is surprising how many positive aspects there are in the transits. It is hard not to be overly optimistic - but others might see things in the charts I'm missing.

Natal Neptune is better aspected than I expected, with several trines/sextiles, but it opposes Venus. This girl is bright but isn't the most grounded, and doesn't think before she acts. She trusts too easily, and in one way she really needed a slap in the face to bring her to reality (she sure got a harsh one).

My feeling is she will likely be convicted, spend a while longer in jail, and be brought out when the two governments think that they can make a nice quiet deal, but it is unlikely to remain quiet. I think she is going to be%2