Friday, August 10, 2007

Harry Potter and the Outer Planets

by guest blogger Phil Reckard

No, this isn't the title of Harry's eighth year at Hogwarts - a book JK Rowling says she won't be writing - this article is about how the Harry Potter series has been shaped by the outer planets, or more correctly, how Rowling has been prompted in some mysterious(!) astrological ways to produce the series.

The seventh and final instalment of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was released on July 21, just a few weeks after the Saturn/Neptune opposition separated from exact. The Afterword of this glorious finale says that the idea for the series "...simply fell into my (Rowlings') head" in 1990, with real-time Pluto on her natal Neptune, while Saturn and Neptune were together in the same sign of Capricorn, within four to ten degrees of exact conjunction for virtually the entire year. The first book in this series was released in 1998, while Saturn was square Neptune.

Conjunction, square, opposition (germination - conflict needing resolution - fruition) - we see it every month with the Sun/Moon aspects.

Rowling herself was born on July 31, 1965 (exact time and place not important for the purpose of this essay), while Saturn was opposed both Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, with her Venus and Moon in Virgo as well Her nearby natal Mercury was station and about to go retrograde on the cusp of Virgo/Leo, much like real-time Venus is doing as I type (8/3/07).

I've found that natives with a Mercury station-retrograde are especially
tuned into past-life and ancient memories*, and I intuit that Rowling in particular has been no exception. Other natives born in her sub-generation of the mid Sixties have also shown examples of global karmic energetics working in their lives, culminating in various ways these days. Has Rowling been tuned into the outer planets, or have the outer planets been tuning into her? That's the great debate that has followed/swallowed astrology since the beginning of time, no?

Coincidentally (right!), the very popular movie adaptations of the Harry Potter books, which started in 2001 (as Saturn was opposing Pluto), is scheduled to conclude with the seventh (and final) movie in 2010, right at the conclusion of the upcoming Saturn/Uranus oppositions. Speaking of Uranus (Prometheus), the vast bulk of the series was written while he was moving through his ruling sign Aquarius. Spiritual Neptune joined the creative Aquarian fun in 1998, and soon after, Rowling signed the movie contracts for the series, befitting Neptune's mastery of illusions that cinema is.

Hmmm... Seven books covering seven years of a young wizard's journey, coinciding with the folk wisdom of the "seven year itch" and "seven years of bad luck," which just so happens to coincide with Uranus/Prometheus' seven-year journey through each sign, in this case his ruling sign... Jung would be proud of these synchronicities, and Dumbledore as Saturn might just be the Good Professor after all, instead of the Great Malefic.

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*I have Mercury Retrograde in my natal chart, and I have numerous past-life memories, some of which I have verified with others involved in those lifetimes, some through historical research. I would love to hear stories from anyone who spontaneously remembers past lifetimes as I have - Brandi jasmine

Monday, August 06, 2007

August 2007 Forecast

August 2007 Forecast

You may have noticed all this summer that there have been new and unusual medical or healing opportunities. There is a big push towards alternative medicine that could really pay off for those who are not afraid to try new-old things. Look to alternative therapy for help alongside traditional medicine, it can be highly effective right now.

Romance is heating up this summer with the early part of August being a peak period for weddings, proposals and new romances. People will feel a powerful “urge to merge”. At the same time, there is a strong “He-Said She-Said” aspect in the heavens, giving an edgy flair to some romances. It is the men who will feel the pressure the strongest, leading up to late August when there will be some kind of high-profile media case involving men and “foot in mouth disease”. Men, take my advice, around August 24, keep your traps shut unless you want to cause big trouble for yourselves. If you can’t keep quiet, oh well, there is always early September when you can make amends with the standard flowers and chocolates.

A powerful human rights movement may get started this month. Look for the advent of a strong leader, possibly a woman, who emerges to set a new global effort with the potential to change many lives for the better. A big entertainment event could prove to be part of a catalyst to bring change to the lives of women around the world. There could be restructuring to political or large-scale organizations, or a change to healthcare that addresses women’s issues in a much more positive manner.