Sunday, April 29, 2007

Astrology Overview May 2007

This month starts off with some encouraging aspects related to work, career and finances. There will be breakthroughs in communications and technology soon that could help boost some lagging businesses. If your business or career is a bit slow, you may benefit from installing a new computer system, network, or getting some advice from a trusted friend or partner.

The big challenge right now is hidden agendas in global politics. Some frightening secrets may come to light this month that could renew and energize conflicts and terrorist attacks. Expect explosions aimed at “home, hearth and family”, the attacks will also be aimed at Western culture, its financial institutions and its freedoms.

The New Moon on May 16th takes place in Taurus, so a good deal of the emphasis this month will be on finances, creature comforts, personal security and values. The unstable political and social climate will have people reaching out for quick fixes. There will be high-profile celebrity rehab meltdowns (again), which are a metaphor for what is wrong with the rest of us.

The upside to these challenges is that they will make us all take a good, long look at what we value, what we believe, and why. When we come to the other side, it will be hard for us to relate to our old belief systems. By mid to late may, a woman in political leadership may open up some secrets that will open up a whole new can of worms involving the chaos in Africa or the Middle East. This scandal could propel her career forward and higher in a spectacular manner.