Tuesday, June 06, 2006

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Hi there! Starting this month I am going to start posting a monthly Astrological Forecast that will also be published in this month's edition of the webzine, Successful Spirit! Before you read this month's overview, have a look at the special offers from some of the other contributors to Successful Spirit!

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Brandi Jasmine

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Astrology Overview June 2006

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the god of communication, and those born in the sign of Gemini are known for their natural intelligence and communications skills. The month of June 2006 will have a particular focus on communications, intelligence and shared ideas, because both the Sun and Mercury start out in this sign.

There are both challenging and positive aspects to the Sun and Mercury early in the month. Expect challenging news early in the month, then a sudden change of fortunes or unexpected events. The greatest challenges will tend to focus on international news, publishing and education.

It looks like the deep and lasting world conflict is truly based on religious differences, and there will be little good news to report on that front. More violence is likely, and possibly an attempt to disrupt the Internet in some way. Expect to see global conflict used to excuse attempts to make even more restrictive laws on the Internet, technology, alternative medicines, or entertainment.

A huge protest is starting to build which may take advantage of the very technology that governments will want to restrict. There seems to be a movement to interfere with the great freedoms afforded us by technology. The saving grace may well be that at this point it is simply impossible to stick the genie back in the bottle. The Internet has grown too big for any government to control.

Challenges to relationships can be triggered that could indicate make-or-break turning points. There may be some kind of epiphany or breakthrough, but then unrealistic expectations start to creep back in. If you have had a lot of ups and downs this last little while, ask yourself if your expectations of your significant other are really as fair as you think.

In mid-month you will have an opportunity to reconnect or re-establish communication on a profound level, but don't expect your partner to make miracles or read your mind. What is the biggest problem in relationships? Communication. What is the solution to that problem? Communication! This month, many people will come to appreciate this ironic truth.

This is a time of year that home renovations and new home purchases tend to take a stronger role. If you are considering buying a home or upgrading your current living space, look for more supportive conditions toward the middle of the month. Information that had been withheld could come through at the last minute. Just remember the theme this month of unrealistic expectations hits the both the financial and home and family sectors too. If a deal looks too good to be true, it likely is!

It's looking like a bit of a stressful month for most signs, so if you are looking for escape, try to avoid anything too expensive or serious. One sector that looks good is "fantasy entertainment." There could be a hot new release coming out for those of you who play computer games, and the summer movie season is looking pretty intense!

Brandi Jasmine