Friday, April 24, 2009

First impressions

What are your first impressions when you read my chart?


Dear TZ,

Normally I am looking for a more targeted question when I do these questions on my blog. I can only do so many free readings, it helps me to know what your area of interest is first. Otherwise I pick what interests me, and that may tell everyone more about me than it does you. You did not include a time of birth and that can severely limit the amount of information one can get from an astrological chart.

What I can say is you have Sun conjunct Neptune, which makes you very empathic and intuitive, but it is Saturn opposed Chiron that catches my eye. You have some forgiveness work to do with male authority figures in your family, fathers, uncles or male mentors from childhood.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Farting Guy

I decided to share this story today because of the astrological aspects that indicate a high level of hypersensitivity. I had just graduated from my first Lifestream class (warning: site plays music).

I was actually thinking how cool it was, how far I'd come, and a total stranger gets off a bus that I am getting onto. As he walks down the steps, he's making a face at me, and all of the old "He thinks I'm a fat, ugly, cow" programs crashed in on me. In the time it took for me to lift my foot off one step and put it down on the next, I must have shrunk three inches.

Then, as he passes me, he passes gas! He wasn't thinking about me at all. He was thinking "I gotta get off this bus before I let go of this massive fart!" ROFL! It was such a huge lesson, and it was so funny. Now I think about the farting guy whenever I find myself thinking I know what someone else is thinking about me. I may be sensitive, but I have to remind myself that my self-talk is often louder than my intuition.