Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A birthday reading for Claudia

Some people have ambivalent charts. I have one. I could be an artist, a writer, a singer, a radio talk show host, or 500 other things. There is no such ambivalence in your chart. If you had not mentioned it I would have no trouble guessing you are a healer.

You have Sun in Pisces, Moon in Sagittarius, Scorpio Rising. You are extremely sensitive and in tune psychically. The challenge is that Sagittarius Moon in the middle of all that water ... let's just say your head and heart aren't always in harmony. In fact, you sometimes feel that your head and heart are at war with one another. That's your Achilles' Heel. You need to find different areas, one for your sensitive, intuitive side, and another for the more left-brained creative side.

To make things more interesting for you, your Moon is conjunct Chiron, Sun is conjunct Mars. Chiron being that strong is the reason you have the healing gift (and yes, I would welcome any healing energy ... I am struggling with pain in my lower back). Speaking of pain, while you are gifted at healing others, how does that work for yourself? Chiron square Mars/Sun is a pretty challenging placement. If it does not manifest in health challenges for you, it may manifest in health or relationship issues between the men and women in your life (4th house Sun - "family stuff") ... I bet your family is interesting. Still, these squares can be somewhat offset by the other aspects, a nice trine from Chiron/Moon to Pluto and a sextile to sensitive Neptune ... seriously, your chart practically screams "healer". You have the potential to be quite famous for it. One avenue you may pursue is some form of group work. Neptune is in Libra in the 11th house, and that makes you a compelling speaker and teacher too.

You are in the middle of your second Saturn return, and if you feel your healing abilities are coming into full blossom, that is a good sign. This is a critical period of growth for you, emotionally, mentally, in your career and health. You may find yourself being pushed to settle into a new career, and it will almost certainly involve health, healing, or some sort of medical service. You are extremely sensitive right now though, Saturn is pushing your Chiron buttons, and this can manifest in external events in problems with the male members of your family. This can be painful, but the growth it will bring you will be invaluable.

Jupiter is about to hit natal Jupiter soon too, which is more positive and "lucky" - you may find that you are able to manifest opportunities to build wealth and make connections that will make you more prosperous.