Thursday, December 07, 2006

Followup for Josephine

Thank you for remembering my forecast request. However I do have a question and hopefully a simple answer.

My property has been on the market now for 2 years and no sale! ... very frustrating!

Any thoughts as to when I will have a potential sale and the freedom to travel?

Also, you mentioned in your forecast 'A major relationship is about to hit a serious milestone, and while the indications are largely positive, it may mean you have to restructure your life in some way.' Good call Brandi, as I have recently ended a 10 year relationship.

Many thanks


Thanks for the feedback!

I can see why you are frustrated. Uranus is transiting in the fourth house of your chart. That indicates upsets, sudden and dramatic changes in the home, family, and in real estate investments. Uranus is also square Venus. My advice is to find someone to help you put in a few bucks spiffing up the place to appeal to a "modern woman" (Uranus/Venus) mentality ... but don't do this yourself. Find a decorator or advisor (get a male, or someone older or younger, not a female of your own generation). The property already carries some of these features, and you may have an awesome sense of style, but something is at odds with the prevailing trends at the moment, something you cannot see, and my wager is that is having a big impact on the appeal of the property. I figure if you do something like this, you may not only sell it sooner, but you may get more money in the end. At the very least, research on the Internet to find tips for brightening up your house before a sale. It does not have to cost a fortune, little things like fresh flowers on a counter can make a huge difference. Remember me if you get a big windfall! ... I have always wanted to visit your country, heh heh.

Uranus is in your 4th house for at least another year, possibly longer. You are not going to feel settled or secure for quite some time, but part of me suspects you like it that way. Together with transiting Saturn in the 9th house, this makes for powerful, earthshaking changes in your life. The urge to travel makes total sense of the overall picture. Saturn is a challenging planet, but it makes some positive contacts in your natal chart right now. You are obsessed with learning, with knowledge, and expanding your boundaries. This may bring challenges for you financially. Your natal chart says money and personal value are early childhood wounds to your psyche. This is nothing less than your quest for self worth. I don't think I have to advise you what to do - you are already letting go of the old to make way for the new.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December Forecast, and reading for Josephine

Josephine (Dec 12) ...

This year is going to be about healing, personal growth and emotional challenges. A major relationship is about to hit a serious milestone, and while the indications are largely positive, it may mean you have to restructure your life in some way. If you are single and looking to be married, this could indicate a "settling down" period. If you are already married, expect a lot of interesting feedback from friends and companions who will bring news of weddings, engagements and serious new relationships.

The big challenge for you this year is financial. You may find yourself spending more, spending erratically, or spending on the basis of emotional reactions. You will have a lot of ideas for making money, but your energies will be pretty scattered. Don't gamble, try to make sure that the chances you take are not overly risky. You may be drawn to high technology this year, but you will encounter mixed results, and may spend more on computers and telecommunications equipment this year than you have in the past. Your career will be changing, but you may find that things don’t settle down until sometime next year.

There are lots of interesting parties and social events coming up this year, you will find out that you are meeting people who share your interests through bookstores, travel, or higher education. You may be considering going back to school this year.

If you would like to have a reading for the year ahead for your birthday, please email me within a month of your birthday, with your birtdata (Eg: January 13, 1956, 5:45 PM, Albany NY). You can ask one question, or just send the data, and you may see your forecast in an upcoming blog!

December Forecast

We’re heading up to the winter holidays, and no matter what beliefs you hold, there is likely to be cause for celebration this early month. Powerfully transformative energies are swirling about early in the month. The questions to ask are "How do I show my courage and leadership by making the biggest change, taking the biggest risk, jumping the highest? How do I show my friends and loved ones how life is lived? How do I be an example of love-based leadership to the people I love?" If you ask yourself questions like that this month, you will not only change your own life, you will pull others along with you for the ride. The focus will be on the family. How will you show love in challenging moments as well as during the celebrations? If you are looking for a special gift for that hard to please loved one, try something unusual like art lessons, a season's pass to a local theatre, or a gift basket made up of some of their favorite art supplies.

The special challenge early this month will be to slow things down. There is a lot of highly optimistic energy floating around, but the grand ideas people will have might turn out to have little staying power. You might want to take a second look at any risky venture that involves business, investment, currency or capital. There is some kind of monkey business in the money business this month, so watch your finances carefully.

The holidays themselves could be a challenging time though, a bit of a let-down from the high expectations early in the month. There are strongly negative aspects to "the public and people in general". It looks like there is indeed a "clash of cultures", and religious motivation could be behind unrest or attacks, intensifying near the end of the month. Intensely erratic emotions and a high anger level will make people act strangely around this time, especially where spiritual or religious beliefs are concerned. Everyone seems to thing that they have the unique dogma that will solve the world's problems, and yet it will be this very attitude that is tearing the world apart. The main upside could be the kind of healing that is often triggered after certain tragedies. If you find yourself falling into the "holiday blues", the best thing to do is to look for someone who is suffering more than you are, and find some way to be of help or service to them. If you don't know anyone, call the Red Cross or a local retirement home, and ask how you can volunteer. It could entirely transform the way you look at the season.

There will be a lot of interesting news about technology, computers and the Internet this month, though it will be a bit of a mixed bag. Look for new laws, court cases and strange movements in the stock market for businesses in these sectors.