Sunday, September 10, 2006

September Forecast

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Astrology Overview September 2006

Expect loud and bitterly divisive public arguments about education, foreign aid, travel safety this month. There will be discussions and debates about illegal immigration, international relations and the challenges of our post 9-11 world. Powerful leadership will make a difference in the end. People will be reminded that their fears of the unknown, of outsiders, are largely based on the ubiquitous presence of the news media in our culture, rather than reflections of legitimate fears.

This doesn’t mean that terrorist attacks won’t happen, in fact they are likely this month … but there needs to be recognition that compared to more immediate threats (tens of thousands of people die on our roads and from the flu every year, and there is no panic about this), the threat from the “outsiders” isn’t as great as it seems. Unfortunately though, there will be those who will seek to stoke the fires of religious passions, and this motivation is likely to become obvious in some way this month. There will continue to be strong public pressure for stricter laws, and there could be a breakthrough or further challenges on the disagreement between the US and Canada regarding border security and identification. Still more violations of civil rights and a tightening of control mechanisms are coming for citizens in both these countries as governments struggle to deal with both real and imaginary fears. An international border agreement that has been worked on in secret could hit the mainstream news and provoke protests, which could manifest closer to the middle of the month. A strong political leader could emerge now to move things, but it remains to be seen whether they will move to the better or the worse in the end.

Relationships will be challenging and complicated this month. There are contradictory aspects, and people will seem at times to be acting in a chaotic, almost “bi-polar” manner. At times bold, then shy, outgoing, then introverted … if you think that you are getting mixed signals from a lover or partner, it isn’t your imagination. They really are a bit wacko right now. That may be a good thing if you like unexpected surprises and sudden mood swings.

Huge strides are being made in technology right now. If you have not recently invested in a new computer, it might be prudent to hold off for a little while longer. At the very least, prices could stand to come down a little. At best, some wild new digital product is about to set the geek world on fire. If you are okay to accept the second-best product on the shelf, you could save a bundle of money.

Speaking of investing, if real estate is your thing, it may be a good idea to watch the housing markets near mid month. There will likely be some positive news that could affect your bottom line in positive but surprising ways. If you are trying to sell a home without success, my bet is right now the cheapest and most effective upgrade might be to install a permanent home network in the den or home office space.