Tuesday, March 31, 2009

will i succeed in politics?

will i succeed in politics? when?
will i become a chief minister or minister? when?


Dear V,

I often edit the posts I get for questions, I clean up the grammar and the capitalization but in this case I left your message exactly intact because I wanted to point something out. Do you see how you have not capitalized your sentences, the titles or the "I"? I assume you do not do this in formal writing, but here writing to me your guard is down, and this suggests to me that you mentally make yourself small (or perhaps you are deliberately doing that?). This can manifest as shyness, and that, coupled with the strong Neptune together with ASC in Pisces tells me that while you may use your strong thinking and willpower to succeed, it is in the arts or counseling where your heart may lie. You may be drawn to politics to save the world, to heal others or to make the world a better place, and these are all laudable goals. Do you have the hard nosed ambition to succeed in politics? Perhaps. Sun in the 10th house conjunct Neptune makes you extremely charismatic.

I do have to say my empathic sense is telling me this is something of a trick question, or perhaps you have not recognized your own success as yet? Are you already successful in politics? Or is it that you have measured your success solely in terms of the titles you have (or have not) accumulated to date? Don't sell the "service" contributions short! You have a strongly humanitarian chart. Stay focused on service to humanity and you will succeed in ways you can't begin to imagine.

(More in the video!)