Friday, January 26, 2007

Astrology Overview February 2007

This month starts off with some encouraging aspects that relate to healthcare, medicine, and alternative healing. There could be a research breakthrough or the publication of a major new concept that will bring about healing for large numbers of people. This could involve new drugs, herbs or medical treatments, perhaps more than one new idea that leads to positive changes for humanity.

People will come across as restless, hyperactive and dynamic this month. Of course, February is traditionally associated with lovers and Valentines, but the libido of the world is taking a massive jolt of energy, and not everyone will be ready for it. It will be like everyone has ants in their pants. It is sort of like the energy just before a big explosion, everyone can feel it coming, but nobody knows where it is going.

Big political changes are coming on the world stage. There may be a partnership between two important countries to work together for the common good, but the challenge is there are contradictory energies that will keep our leadership as confused and befuddled as the populace, especially at the beginning of the month. To top it off, the full Moon in Leo will have everyone working from rather ego-based emotional motivation. People in positions of authority would do well to check their motivation during high-pressure moments this month. Mistakes will be made when the higher good is not factored into decision-making, and there could be more than one "fall from grace" as a result of poor judgment. Slow things down, take things easy, or you may find yourself making more than one course-correction this month. Don’t fall prey to the temptation to play the "blame game". It will be incredibly easy to project our shortcomings and mistakes onto others, and that could lead to trouble in the long run. Taking personal responsibility is the key to growth and self-confidence right now.

Near the middle to the end of the month, expect a spike in technology news and breakthroughs. There will be some kind of life-altering innovation that dramatically and permanently changes our lives for the better. This may not be a smooth and easy transition for us all, however, there are indications of a backlash to change coming from those who yearn for the not so good "good old days".

If you are looking for comfort this contradictory and contrary month, find something small and fuzzy to take care of. Our furry friends need us as much as we need them, and right now there are likely to be many abandoned or needy pets needing a helping hand. A nice gesture for the month would be to make a donation of food or litter to your local pet shelter.