Sunday, October 25, 2009

Strange comment on my blog regarding a big-name "competitor".

I rejected a comment today, because it has some harsh comments for a big-name competitor. I wanted to address those comments though, so I decided to post them to the blog with the competitor's name blanked out.

Real astrologers are being undermined by *********.com. They are co-opting you. They are buying up "name" astrologers and using them to front BS astrology for the real thing. You work hard to provide good information to people, but a few are after nothing but dollars at the cost of a living for astrologers and the integrity of the oldest science. You need to stand up, wake up, speak up. People like the Matrix guy are trying to make money at both ends = producing stuff for *********.com and selling you stuff, including selling you "BOOKS" that are offered for free on *********.com who is paying him for his information.

COME ON PEOPLE. This is important to astrology. We work hard to provide people with information that can improve their lives. These people are after NOTHING but dollars. Good to earn a living doing what we do, but to "rape" everyone and the art for the sake of a dollar ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLease.


Okay. Deep breath time.

First, I am neither a fan nor a detractor of *********.com. They have never approached me to write content for them, and I doubt they are aware of me. They have some good content there, periodically I refer to it on my Twitter page. But I have no connection to them and don't expect one. If they did come to me with a stack of money, I'd be happy to write for them.

I don't understand how what they are doing is "rape" and what we are doing is "good to earn a living doing what we do". The only difference it seems to me is that they are better at the "earning a living" part, because they have corporate support and marketing budgets, and we don't. More power to them!

The Law of Attraction is powered in the positive by gratitude and in the negative by envy, Joe. I wrote "competitor" in quotes in the title, because I really don't believe in "competition". It's an illusion. What *********.com is doing is making astrology more appealing and available to the masses. A rising tide floats all boats. As they build the market for our craft, more people are going to want the experience of seeing a qualified astrologer, or learning more about astrology for themselves at a deeper level. That means more business for you and me, and less encounters with Ms. Bible Thumper and her pal Mr. Rabid Skeptic.

I write horoscopes for one reason. It's all about the money. Not that there is a ton of it (grin) ... but if it wasn't paying, I'd close down the site and focus on my art instead. I have written clearly about the limitations of sun-sign horoscopes. I do them, because when I didn't do them, I got maybe 1% of the traffic I'm getting now. The same is true for pop-astrology sites like *********.com. We have to accept that the average person will never be interested in more than scratching the surface of what it is we do. Most of them don't even understand what it is we do.

Hidden in the large volume of those people there though are a few gems who really do want to learn more about astrology, who really do want to improve their lives and make a difference in the world. And you and I cannot reach them through a layer of bitterness about things we cannot change. I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention because that last sentence was as much for me as it may be for you.

May the stars be with you.