Thursday, December 07, 2006

Followup for Josephine

Thank you for remembering my forecast request. However I do have a question and hopefully a simple answer.

My property has been on the market now for 2 years and no sale! ... very frustrating!

Any thoughts as to when I will have a potential sale and the freedom to travel?

Also, you mentioned in your forecast 'A major relationship is about to hit a serious milestone, and while the indications are largely positive, it may mean you have to restructure your life in some way.' Good call Brandi, as I have recently ended a 10 year relationship.

Many thanks


Thanks for the feedback!

I can see why you are frustrated. Uranus is transiting in the fourth house of your chart. That indicates upsets, sudden and dramatic changes in the home, family, and in real estate investments. Uranus is also square Venus. My advice is to find someone to help you put in a few bucks spiffing up the place to appeal to a "modern woman" (Uranus/Venus) mentality ... but don't do this yourself. Find a decorator or advisor (get a male, or someone older or younger, not a female of your own generation). The property already carries some of these features, and you may have an awesome sense of style, but something is at odds with the prevailing trends at the moment, something you cannot see, and my wager is that is having a big impact on the appeal of the property. I figure if you do something like this, you may not only sell it sooner, but you may get more money in the end. At the very least, research on the Internet to find tips for brightening up your house before a sale. It does not have to cost a fortune, little things like fresh flowers on a counter can make a huge difference. Remember me if you get a big windfall! ... I have always wanted to visit your country, heh heh.

Uranus is in your 4th house for at least another year, possibly longer. You are not going to feel settled or secure for quite some time, but part of me suspects you like it that way. Together with transiting Saturn in the 9th house, this makes for powerful, earthshaking changes in your life. The urge to travel makes total sense of the overall picture. Saturn is a challenging planet, but it makes some positive contacts in your natal chart right now. You are obsessed with learning, with knowledge, and expanding your boundaries. This may bring challenges for you financially. Your natal chart says money and personal value are early childhood wounds to your psyche. This is nothing less than your quest for self worth. I don't think I have to advise you what to do - you are already letting go of the old to make way for the new.

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