Thursday, December 27, 2007

Astrological Analysis: Bhutto Killed in Pakistan

Back in November, I spoke of my concern for Benazir Bhutto:

Astrological Chart - Benazir Bhutto Assassinated - click for larger chart.
Last month I spoke of a woman in leadership coming to prominence, and of course the story of Benazir Bhutto fits nicely with the aspects I was watching then. Her potential is great, but I am afraid for her safety with the aspects I see right now. I would urge her to be more cautious than she has been in the past. The same for other women leaders who have polarizing or controversial pasts, who want to transform the world quickly or in radical ways. This is not the best time to push past people's prejudice. They will want to fight to hold on to the "old ways", and some of that push-back could be violent. I feel some of this energy could peak mid-month.

November came and went safely for Ms. Bhutto, but today, her good luck came crashing to an unfortunate end, and she was assassinated in the middle of a political rally. Looking at the astrological chart for the time of death, the Ascendant is Cancer, ruled by the Moon (a prominent woman). The Moon in Leo (arrogant leadership, feeling invulnerable) is opposed North Node, T-Squared Venus (a strong woman crossed by unfortunate events). The 12th House Mars (secret plots, war, violence) is opposed by Pluto and Jupiter (religious extremism, the potential for great violence).

AstroCartoGraphy Chart - Bhutto Assassination - click for larger map.
The AstroCartography chart for the death time is frightening. It places Jupiter, Mars and Pluto lines in Iran, with the Death-God Pluto directly over Tehran. Worse, the Uranus MidHeaven line (unexpected, shocking events in high profile people or leadership position) also crosses Tehran. There are two possible interpretations. It is possible this assassination was sponsored in Iran, or that Iran will be blamed for it, and there may be retaliatory assassinations in Iran as a result.

Uranus, Pluto, Mars and Jupiter are a dangerous, explosive mixture in this kind of configuration. This assassination could have repercussions that will echo around the world. It bodes ill for peace in 2008, the effects could stain the entire region under a cloud of violent bloodshed. There is a particularly high degree of danger as Pakistan is a nuclear-powered country, and the expanding chaos may put their stockpiles in jeopardy. I am loathe to predict a nuclear exchange, and I pray it is avoidable, but I would not be surprised if there were some kind of nuclear disaster in Pakistan or Iran in the next 18 months.

Mercury also plays a role in this chart, with the Mercury Rising line passing close to Atlanta (CNN headquarters), Washington DC and New York City. The same Pluto, Mars and Jupiter lines cross through the heartland of America. Clearly this news will have a huge impact in the United States as well, possibly leading to a wider spread of the war in Iraq, and a greater burden for "Middle America". The controversy may affect the US elections. I would be greatly surprised if the war in Iraq, and the broader war on terror do not spread dramatically as a result.


Anonymous said...

The horoscope Terrorists' are using is Sept. 01, 1969 @ 5 AM
Tripoli, Libya.
Using "Light" as a mechanism-
8 degrees Capricorn- 8 degrees
Cancer is where you split the horoscope in half.
They like to attack moon oppose
Mercury was 8 degrees capricorn
so they seem to like planets at
eight degrees capricorn as well
as Moon oppose Mars.
There's a Libyan Al-Queda Leader that uses Chart - apparently
Apr. 15 1986 @ 02:00 Libya
Pres. Ordered a hit on Libya
The Sun goes eight degrees
Dec 30, and Jupiter goes 8 degrees
Jan 06, 2008
On the WTC bombing chart- sun 8 pisces, moon 4 Taurus- using light-spliting the chart at- 0 Cancer-0 Capricorn. The Moon opposes Mars at one degree Cancer- one degree Capricorn on 9-11
March 14, 2008 Moon opposes
Pluto same place.
Just something for you to look at..

Blackbird said...

I cant see the exact time - Lat and Long your using on the chart. If you would be so kind as to add them to the article for those of us who would like to look for ourselves as well. Thankyou.

BTW, cool site looking forward to exploring it further. BB.

Brandi Jasmine said...

The time I used was reported on CNN by Pakistani officials as 6:16 PM local time. Thanks for dropping by :-)

Judith said...

The chart for the JFK assassination is 12:30 p.m. (Dallas time), when he was SHOT, not 1:00 p.m., when he died.

Thus, 6:16 is not the correct time for the Bhutto ASSASSINATION (i.e., when she was shot). It is the time that the hospital PRONOUNCED HER DEAD. News articles said that (1) she was clinically dead when she arrived at the hospital, (2) they tried to resuscitate her for 35 minutes, and (3) the hospital was 2 miles away from the rally. This means that resuscitation attempts began at 5:41 p.m.--so the actual assassination must have been between 5:00 and 5:30. I have scoured news articles for the time the rally ended but can find nothing. A 5:00 time puts Uranus right on the Midheaven and Mars in 12 at the Ascendant (Placidus houses). However, it might be wise to look at her birth chart to try to rectify the exact time. All I know of her birth data is June 21, 1953, Larkana, Pakistan; don't know the time. I'm hoping that AstroDataBank will come up with a birth time for her.

Brandi Jasmine said...

I was clear that the chart I chose was "for the time of death", not for the time of the assassination. Had I been looking at JFK ... I suppose I would have chosen the death time rather than the time of shooting too. Seems to me something like the controversy between conception and birth charts. Most astrologers do birth charts, not conception charts. Where it comes to death, seems to me the actual time of death is the critical moment, not when the injury occurs. After all, the injury could be hours, days or even years before a death in any given case. I guess you disagree ... to each her own?

I was looking for the impact Ms. Bhutto's death would have in the world at large, so the official time of date as reported by CNN as given by the Pakistani authorities seemed to be the best time to go with. No doubt even that will be in dispute in the coming days, since now the authorities there are trying to claim she fell and hit her head.

Each chart might give a slightly different take from a different angle ... a little like looking at a photo through a cut piece of crystal. Every facet gives a slightly different picture. All have value. If you want to do an analysis of the assassination time, please, by all means, go ahead - I'd even be happy to give you a guest blog spot if you wish.

I am also looking for a birth time for Benazir Bhutto, and a chart for Pakistan's independence. I'd welcome that data if you find it.

As for rectification ... I never use it, and the reasons why ... that could be a whole blog post topic in itself.

Thanks for dropping by, and for your comments.

Brandi Jasmine said...

PS to Blackbird ... Lat/Long was 33N42 73E10 - For Islamabad, as I did not have exact coordinates for Rawalpindi.