Sunday, December 30, 2007

QuickPhase Pro Review and January Forecast

There is a beautiful Grand Trine starting off the month between the Moon, Mars and North Node. People will be active, energetic and (mostly) agreeable (for a change). With Mars also opposite Jupiter though, we won't know whether to overdo ourselves at play or at work, and I foresee a lot of extra work for any chiropractor who is not in Mexico sunning his or her buns at the moment.

Regardless of your profession, this is the month (and the year, really) to take action on whatever ideas you treasure. New communications paths will open up. New technologies will become available that will enable a revolution in thinking and communication to take place. On the global stage, new leadership or a new style of leadership could take hold that could lead to a profoundly positive direction in politics.

These aspects are short, but taking place at the first day of the New Year, they leave an imprint that echoes through the rest of the year. What do you have to say right now? How are you going to get the word out? What new innovation, invention or idea can you put up for the rest of the world? This is not the time to remain silent! Take a risk and speak truth to power. Right now is your best chance of being heard. Stay focused on the practicalities, Venus isn't playing nice right now, and any frilly details could detract from what might otherwise be a winning presentation.

Speaking of Venus, I expect another "pop-tart" flap this month. I would suggest that all the usual blonde suspects take a vacation somewhere nice and warm and remote, keep their mouths shut and stay out of the spotlight for a little while. One of them is likely to make a mistake that might end her career once and for all. Whatever happens will make a lot of money for other people, but it could be the straw that breaks her camel's back, or (ideally) finally be the real "rock bottom" she needs to get real help.

QuickPhase Pro Review

QuickPhase Moon Phase Astrological Software Screen ShotQuickPhase Pro focuses on the phases of the Moon, placing this information all in a clear, attractive and easy to use interface. The calendar function shows you at a glance the Moon in all its Phases throughout the month. Zoom in on a given date, and you have Rise, Set, Azmuth, Altitude, and other critical information for astrologers, astro-gardeners and lunar watchers of all kinds (including women watching for astrologically fertile periods). The "Find" feature gives you a quick way to find specific phases through a range of dates.

Your first step is to enter your location data and time settings. Calculations should be within a minute of U.S. Naval Observatory data. You may select any time between the year 0 and the year 9999.

As an astrologer I am finding QuickPhase Pro especially useful, since we tend to look at the Moon on an almost daily basis, and my traditional astrological program doesn't offer Moon phase information in an easy "at a glance" format. QuickPhase Pro isn't strictly speaking an "astrological" program - it doesn't offer astrological data per se, but it does make finding the next full or new Moon as easy as looking at a calendar.

The maker of QuickPhase Pro also offers this nifty little Moon Phase ad-on for your website or blog, free of charge:


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