Friday, January 04, 2008

Britney Back in the News

In my forecast for January I wrote:

Speaking of Venus, I expect another "pop-tart" flap this month. I would suggest that all the usual blonde suspects take a vacation somewhere nice and warm and remote, keep their mouths shut and stay out of the spotlight for a little while. One of them is likely to make a mistake that might end her career once and for all. Whatever happens will make a lot of money for other people, but it could be the straw that breaks her camel's back, or (ideally) finally be the real "rock bottom" she needs to get real help.
Tonight on the radio I heard that pop star Britney Spears was just taken from her home in a stretcher. CNN is reporting Spears was taken from her home on a stretcher and placed in an ambulance hours after police were called because of a child custody dispute. The radio report mentioned possible drug use related to the incident.

I did not specifically name Britney at that point, but she was in the "top three" possible suspects in my mind at the time. Also, back in October, I was asked by one of Britney Spears' fans to write about her. At the time I said:

Mars Square Neptune equals drug abuse. In her case, potentially fatal drug abuse or serious jail time (12th house Mars), if she does not find some way to reconnect with a spiritual or creative outlet. I hate to say it but right now the creative isn't working for her all that well, and fame isn't helping matters. Her only hope is a profound spiritual experience, a rock-bottom "near death" experience might be the life-saving experience she needs to wake her up. Losing custody of her kids hasn't seemed to make a profound impact, the possible loss of loved ones in other areas is featured in her transits right now. There could be a death in her family, and with what is known I truly fear for her own well-being, frankly.

Britney Spears Collapses - Astrological Chart
I also described her lifestyle as "a really exciting wild ride filled with drug abuse, jealous rages, competition and dysfunction". I see no signs this will change. The current chart, calculated for the time police are reported to have arrived at her home, likewise speaks of drug abuse and danger to children, and the challenge for Ms. Spears is to survive what has become an almost archetypal role of the modern damsel in distress. For her trials to come through so clearly in a mundane chart says to me that she is playing a larger than life role in our culture. She symbolizes something that is wrong with our culture, just as Benazir Bhutto symbolized and played out something horribly wrong in her own field of influence. That's a huge burden for any one human being to bear, and with the weight of all that on her fragile shoulders, I only pray she and her children get the help and compassion they need right now.

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