Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tell me about my son

I was wondering if you could tell me about my son. I worry about him because he has chronic fatigue and can't sleep at night. Along with that I believe he has a neurological disorder. He was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome and I noticed that every since he was young his head has jerked uncontrollably, like a tic. It seems that the only time it does that is if he is stressed out or feels uncomfortable. I guess they call it a nervous tic. He is very angry and I'm scared he is going to get into real bad trouble with the law.


Dear TJ,

Your son is an Aries, with Libra Rising and a Leo Moon. That’s a lot of Fire energy, together with Libra’s sensitivity to the opinions of others. His 7th House Sun is conjunct Venus, making him attractive and charming, and very aware of other people’s judgments. This is a person who may seem selfish at times, but that hides a strong need to please others. Aries also wants everything and it wants it now, and that can be challenging for a young man with such contradictory desires. Frustration will be expressed as anger by anyone with a lot of fire in their natal chart. With the challenges he faces, it’s possible frustration that he tries to hold inside is manifesting physically with RLS and the facial tic.

I’m not a medical astrologer, so I can only tell you what I see of personality and stressful metaphysical aspects that might affect health. I have noticed that he has Uranus opposed Chiron in the 3rd and 9th houses, and that can make it difficult for him to express his emotions to others. Yet that’s exactly what he needs to learn to do in order to bleed off some of the emotional energy that he’s holding onto. Barbara Hand Clow, the leading writer on the subject of Chiron, warns of the dangers of drug use to anyone with this aspect. You don’t mention this, but it’s a possibility with this aspect that you need to be looking for. There are some positive aspects to Chiron though and it’s possible that one of his peers or a girlfriend could come along and motivate him to take up drama or another verbal art form that would give him a positive outlet to express emotions that he might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing.

Right now, he has Mars transiting the 12th house, and it is Square Pluto, in the 3rd. Traditionally one interpretation of this kind of transit may be “possible trouble with legal authority”. Mars is almost exactly inconjunct his Sun, adding a charge of confusion to his heightened state of sensitivity right now. He has to make a lot of adjustments that are not all to his liking. I would strongly urge you to get him into some type of cognitive therapy, but that may only be useful if he recognizes that some of his challenges are self-generated. Unfortunately, Chiron is opposed his natal Moon at the moment and that can translate to “Doesn’t want to listen to Mother”. The best thing I know of to recommend for him would be the LifeStream class ... but ... I get the feeling he is in resistance to you right now, and about all you may be able to do is let go and let God. Therapy and what LifeStream does will not work for him until he comes to the conclusion he needs help and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get well. If thats not an option, the best thing I can suggest is get some of his friends to encourage him to take up drama or another communication-based art form.


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