Sunday, August 10, 2008

Health reading

I would like to know if my health will get better or worse, both physical and mental.


Dear TJ,

First I have to make the disclaimer that I am not a medical astrologer. I know a bit more than the average guy about medicine, but I have no medical training, so I am always careful when answering a question like this. What I can do is more of a “What are TJ’s challenges?” reading instead.

Looking at your natal chart, you actually have a lot of positive aspects that indicate you are bringing forward a lot of positive energy into this lifetime. You have Sun Trine Ascendant Trine Neptune, in water signs. You are a powerful psychic who can see into the other realms with relative ease. The challenge is you incarnated into a world and culture that doesn’t always understand you. Aquarius Moon Square the Nodes means you have an almost electrical plug in into Truth, but other people (the Nodes) don’t always want to hear what you have to say. “I told you so” could be a bit of a mantra for you! Remember that movie where Jack Nicholson says “You can’t handle the truth”? You need to remember that not everyone is ready to deal with reality. I can relate (grin).

You also have Sun Opposed Uranus and Pluto. You see the world as a volatile, dangerous place, and for good reason. You have likely encountered violence in your early life. You have learned though that fighting your troubles isn’t the most effective way to get to your goals, and as you continue down this path, not only will you heal a lot of your own challenges, but the inspiration you offer others will be powerful. In fact, the most challenging aspects for you all have a positive aspect to Neptune, which translates to you having the ability to take your greatest pain and transform that into a blessing for yourself and others. That much of this is focused in the 9th house says to me that you intended to come here to teach people how to overcome abuse.

The challenge for you is highlighted over and over again in the natal chart as frustration and anger that the world is a hostile place. Transiting Mars Opposed Uranus right now are pushing every button you’ve got, particularly with close family, siblings and those friends you see as brothers and sisters. Uranus moves slowly, and it hits one planet for you after another. The upside for Uranus is that it favors Internet communications, and I believe that the connections you make online right now may prove to be strongly healing. Mars moves out of aspect over the summer, and you may find that you come through this time with a great deal of strength as you consciously decide to channel your reactions more effectively. I highly recommend Caroline Myss book “Why People Don’t Heal”. I suffer from similar health concerns and I found it hugely helpful in dealing with them. The key to your mental and physical well being is to find ways to transform your own reactions, to learn to demand your own safe healing space and to let go of resentment towards those people who don’t understand and can’t find ways to help.



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Anonymous said...

With Britney Spears traveling Saturn comes to hit on her Mars, could she be getting married next year? (This happening in the twelfth house). Traditional astrologers might say she is going to be hospitalized? But traveling Jupiter will be running through her fifth house of children, so maybe 3rd child for Britney? Traveling Venus entering her eleventh house and representing her third marriage, she might think that this is a love match?

Brandi Jasmine said...

That's one interpretation. It's Jupiter in the 5th that's more likely to indicate romance or children. Saturn/Mars isn't usually good news, never mind romantic. I do see that she is being restricted in her public appearances by her father (Saturn, 12th house) and it's possible that holding her back (Mars in the 12th puts a damper on the parties) could lead to more interaction with her existing children. With Jupiter in the 5th, it could possibly trigger a rekindled romance with K-Fed or a new romance, and that may or may not lead to another child. Who knows? The funny thing about astrology is there are often 2-3 different possible ways a set of aspects can manifest in the real world. This is why I don't do a lot of astrological forecasting anymore. Where I would find it useful for someone in Brittney's situation is in explaining the value of her current circumstances and how best to use them to improve her life and the lives of her children. The further from the current moment you go, the less likely you are to be clear on how a given set of aspects will actually manifest.