Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eclipse on my birthday

There is going to be a full moon and full lunar eclipse on my birthday next week. How do you think that might affect me? I am hoping for something positive!


I'm a bit iconoclast where it comes to eclipses ... I don't give them the weight many astrologers do. To most traditional astrologers, an eclipse is treated like the Death Card in the Tarot (or death images in dreams). It's supposed to signify a dynamic change of some kind. To me, it is just a slightly more interesting full moon aspect. The Moon just moves too quickly, the impact of a Lunar transit rarely has impact past a day or so.

However ... it does fall on your birthday and that's what we call a "solar return" chart - and that chart holds sway over the rest of your year. This is why birthday celebrations are so important - whatever happens on the birthday affects the "mood" of the rest of the year. And this year could prove to be extremely important for you.

This Moon is in Leo, in your third house, opposing a stellium of planets in your 9th house. What's a stellium? That's a whack-load of planets. A great big group of 'em. Without going into too much astrologeze ... the bottom line is you are likely to be writing or teaching some form of healing, spiritual, or metaphysical ideas this year. There is a Square to natal Neptune. That could lead to confusion, escapist urges, the temptation to escape through drugs or alcohol. You need to work harder than normal to stay grounded. Luckily you have a Solar Sextile to Saturn, that will bring you down to earth gently enough to keep at least one foot on the ground, and a Trine to Jupiter brings in some good luck. I think you could be looking at a career change. You need to push yourself into the spotlight, take a leadership role, stand on your own ideas.

It looks like you are processing a huge amount of spiritual energy this year and could use some support as you face some transformative energies.

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