Wednesday, August 29, 2007

September 2007 Forecast

September may start off on an overly optimistic note, with a lot of sexy energy in the air. There is what I’d call a "second chance" aspect that would bode well for those with on again, off again romances. If the re-attraction lasts into the second week of September, then you may have something. If not, well, a summer fling is better than nothing, right? It could go either way, but regardless of the stage your relationship is at, by the middle of the month you will notice that your partnership has developed a new way of communicating. The relationships with the staying power will be those where both parties are open to new and unusual forms of non-verbal communication. If you are already reading each other’s minds, that will make for some interesting experiences in mid-month.

The daily workplace will be no less interesting, but it is likely to be a heck of a lot more challenging. Stressful aspects plague the Sun almost the entire month as it travels through Virgo. If you work in a hospital or alternative healthcare, stock up on supplies, this isn’t probably the best month to take a vacation. People are going to be stressed out and vulnerable to more than just aches and pains right now. If your health is vulnerable or you have strong planets in Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini, this could be a challenging month either in your daily workplace or health. Don’t neglect one for the other. Find a way to balance your responsibilities to others with your responsibility to yourself.

Expect to hear a lot of strange religious proclamations this month. There is a strong negative energy that is stirring up fundamentalists of all stripes right now, and very little available to ease the pressure. They feel under attack, and the truth is, the more rigid one’s religious beliefs right now, the more likely you are being forced to realize some hard truths about not only the leadership of your faith, but its very founding principals may come under the shadow of doubt.


Anonymous said...


I wanted to ask u if u think that Justin Timberlake and Britney spears
reuniting in the future? If yes when?
Can u please make an analyse on Britney and Justin relationship. He has Sun
in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius; she has Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in
Aquarius. They are soul mates. December 2008 Jupiter will conjunct Britney
and Justin's shared Venus. Is there a chance for them to reconnect??????? He
is currently dating Jessica Biel. Will they break-up soon?

Thank u

Brandi Jasmine said...

I don't have Britney's full birth data, Justin Timberlake's, or Jessica Biel's, but if you can get that for me I'll have a look at it (it must take the form of day, month, year, time, place - for example: 24 January 1977, 10:30 pm, New York, New York - and include a reference as to where the data was obtained).

I honestly feel very sad for Britney (more so for her baby boys), and my immediate impulse is to say what she needs is to spend some quality time with a very good personal growth coach or in therapy before she gets involved with anyone, soul mate or not. I don't need the data to say that the only one who can save Britney from herself now ... is Britney herself.

Anonymous said...

Britney Jean Spears:
-date of birth: 2nd December,1981
-time of birth:1.30 am
-Place of birth:Kentwood, Louisiana

Justin Randall Timberlake:
-date of birth: 31st January,1981
-time of birth: 6.30 pm
-Place of birth:Memphis, Tennessee

Jessica Claire Biel:
-date of birth: 3rd March,1982
-time of birth:not available
-Place of birth:Ely, Minnesota