Friday, August 28, 2009

No More Readings ...

I've decided to suspend the readings I've been doing on my blogs ( and My reasons are largely personal - I'm too busy with too many irons in the fire right now. I'll leave these blogs up though, and you can follow me at the following Twitter pages:


You can also find me at these web sites: - - -


Unknown said...

interesting video on Indian Astrology. I thought I should let you know.
will something happen on 09.09.09?

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop I just found your page! Could you do a reading for me I was born on 25th March 1985 in Mysore, India. I've met this boy N born 1st Jan 1986 somewhere in California I think (I don't know his birthtime) I'd like to have a serious relationship with him! But he says that would never happen. Yet we can't deny the atrraction between us. Could you please please please tell me what you see here!